Marge Hiller

Burroughs Community Center

The Bridgeport community is indicative of what an inclusive neighborhood can look like and how a community can step up to provide a safe and thriving atmosphere for our children.

I have lived in Bridgeport for 48 years – 45 of those years in Black Rock. My entire career and focus of my interest and work has been public education in Bridgeport. Through personal experience of having a daughter in the public schools and a husband who taught music in the high schools for many years, I know firsthand what a good school system should offer to help all our children grow, and strive to pursue their dreams. The erosion of a superior public school system has been slow and will be slower to recover.

I was one of the founding members of the Burroughs Community Center and am proud to be have witnessed the growth and the stability it has brought to the Black Rock neighborhood. The partnership with the Wakeman’s Boys & Girls Club was the culmination of all the sports and other activities that were always part of the initial blueprint.