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Andrea, a mom who came to Bridgeport with her family with dreams of a better, safer life. Learning English and obtaining U.S Citizenship will provide her with opportunities to gain access to resources and benefits, to have her voice heard, better job opportunities, increased community engagement and overall success.

Nabila, who recently made Brigeport her home and has found new friends and a supportive community within Burroughs and the Our Woven Community program. She is empowered with sewing and entrepreneurial  skills, shares her talent and culture, and earns income to help support herself and her family.

Lucas, who had been out of work, was struggling to pay his rent and buy food. The Burroughs VITA (Volunteer Tax Assistance) program provided the opportunity to meet with a volunteer tax preparer, have his return prepared and filed at no cost, and gain access to the federal refunds, credits and benefits designed to help lift him out of poverty.

Thanks to you, Andrea, Nabila, Lucas and so many others, will receive the support, resources and instruction needed to create the life they dream of and deserve.

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