Our History

Located on the corner of Fairfield and Ellsworth, The Burroughs Center has been a cornerstone of the Black Rock and West End communities of Bridgeport for over a century.

Aside from facility partnerships with local community based organizations, one of the Center’s initial services upon its launch in 1997 was providing afternoon programs for the Bridgeport public school system. After recognizing youth services as a growing community need, Burroughs donated property, and assisted the Wakeman Boys and Girls Club in creating the Smilow-Burroughs Clubhouse in 2011, which proudly stands directly next to Burroughs itself.

A community never stops changing, and with that, neither do the needs of the people living and working within it. Burroughs’ rich history and promising future prove that the organization recognizes the inevitability and necessity of change, and will never stop adapting to the evolving needs of the community and its members.

Burroughs continues to progress to accommodate the needs of the community today. While designing a more modern website, and moving forward with a new communication plan, the Center is working diligently to rebrand itself as a hub for community information, engagement and empowerment.