Our Impact

Burroughs has been working to build a strong future with our community since 1996. By encouraging an understanding of a broad set of issues and developing relationships guided by our values, we are able to take an “asset based” approach to our work. We leverage local talent, foster individual passions and capitalize on opportunities that support changes driven and shaped by the community. This ensures the partnerships, issues and activities we support are meaningful, sustainable and provide the greatest opportunities for success.

Burroughs cultivates partnerships that promote change with a focus on education, civic engagement, employment preparation, and English language skills. This approach:

  • Strengthens organizations
  • Increases service quality
  • Lowers dependency on the city/government
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Fosters sustainable programs
  • Adapts quickly to changing need

Perhaps our impact is best demonstrated through the stories of individuals who are able to improve their lives and or work to strengthen the lives of their neighbors.

  • Maria, who spends 4 mornings a week learning English so she can help her son with his homework.
  • Mathew, who overcame years of health and housing uncertainties when Burroughs helped connect him with opportunities to learn new skills and rebuild relationships in the community.
  • Amanda, who has spent the last five months learning how to lead others and advocate for educational changes needed at her child’s school.
  • William, who is preparing to serve our community by leading opioid education and outreach.
  • Peter, who is attending an immigration law training program to help families understand their legal status and options.

Burroughs helps make opportunities possible for these and over 32,000 others who walk through our doors each year looking to build a stronger future.

Our work

  • With five facility partner organizations, over 50 people work from the Burroughs Community Center.
  • Burroughs supports the efforts of over 75 community groups and organizations with similar missions and goals to help them deliver their work in our community.
  • Together with our partners, Burroughs welcomed over 32,000 participants to over 2,292 scheduled activities. Supporting a range of activities, 59% of them were focused on delivering a form of training to strengthen the ability of community members or local service providers to achieve success.
  • Our VITA program with our dedicated volunteers complete over 1000 tax returns last year returning much needed money to our neighbors at no cost.
  • Our English Language classes are structured to provide approximately 4,000 class seats for students each year.
  • Burroughs opened its doors to the community 350 days last year
  • Community groups and organizations spent over 6,627 hours delivering programs and services at Burroughs.

Working with our partners, Burroughs helps the community and area service providers bring focus to a wide range of issues and priority areas. The percentage of participants attending by category include: