Our Woven Community became a program of the Burroughs Community Center in 2015. The program began as a social venture to develop and produce a crafted, salable item that would help refugee women earn supplemental income and become more economically self-sufficient. OWC serves refugee women living in Bridgeport by providing an opportunity for creativity, community integration and economic growth.  Each of our items is a one of a kind, sewn by our artists.  Our original works of art are created with recycled materials donated by people in our community.  Into each item is sown an authentic piece of African fabric, signifying our interconnectedness.

OWC artists are women who have come to our country seeking refuge from violence and persecution in their own country. Most have spent more than 10 years in refugee camps. Those who make it to the US at the invitation of the government often arrive with little more than the clothes on their backs and a few possessions.  All of the proceeds from purchases and donations go directly to pay our artists and to support the program. Learn more about the artists of Our Woven Community

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